J'adore Bridal Wear

About Us

For Linda, the wedding industry is not ‘just a job’, but a passion, a hobby and a lifestyle.

Linda has worked in the bridal industry for many years and have recently welcomed the opportunity to launch their own luxury Bridalwear Boutique in the charming village of Coggeshall, in North Essex. Linda is renowned for her excellent knowledge, client care, attention to detail and in building a wonderful and supportive rapport with brides-to-be, their families and friends.

Linda’s understanding that every ‘dream wedding’ is completely unique to the bride and groom, is at the heart of every consultation, and they treat every client with complete individuality, confidentiality and sensitivity of their vision and plans.

Linda will go to every effort to make your time spent at J’adore a truly memorable and special experience, for yourself and your guests. Book your exclusive consultation with us.